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Our summer project!

Over this summer, we were encouraging families in local communities to join our two free summer activity groups, designed by Home-Start Lambeth & Home-Start Southwark to promote physical and mental health and to encourage families to meet other local parents and children. Both groups were open to the entire family with at least one child under 5 years old and we were delighted to host families of different shapes and sizes from South London!

We were meeting on a weekly activity session, on Wednesdays in Ruskin Park where within Healthy Movers, led by our team members Ola and Alison, we promoted physical movement and engaged families in fun outdoor games and activities. Attendees enjoyed sunny weather, cheerful time, fresh refreshments and a giveaway every week! There were hula hoops, racket ball games, jumping, running, skipping and lots of laughter and joy!

Second group focused more on exploring the local amenities. Walk and Talk – a weekly walking group, was taking place on Thursdays morning, at different locations across Lambeth and Southwark. Led by Home-Start Lambeth, the walks incorporated local fruit trees & other foraging opportunities.

The project was funded by Impact on Urban Health.


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