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I am a Principal Consultant and Co-Chair of the EDI committee at Prospectus, the leading Not-for-Profit recruitment agency. I have lived experience of some of the challenges faced by the families Home-Start supports, having grown up in a deprived area in South London and having experienced social and economic inequality, which could have limited my chances of reaching my full potential in adulthood. I was honoured to join the Trustee board at Home-Start Southwark and feel inspired and motivated by our vision and mission to provide expert practical and emotional support to families with young children through their challenging times.


Honorary Treasurer


I am a Director at PwC in finance, risk and technology as well as a Leadership Coach and Speaker. I am immensely privileged to use my experience as a chartered accountant to provide financial insight and governance to the Board of Trustees. I have lived in Southwark for 5 years and I am delighted to be part of Home-Start and the great work they do supporting local families. I know from first hand experience, growing up with a single mother in London that the kind of support provided by Home-Start is invaluable and sorely needed.




Having worked in policing across London for over 30 years I have seen the positive impact that supporting families and parents has on children in their early years. I have worked in a range of policing roles throughout my career but one of the most challenging, rewarding and important areas I have experienced  was as head of safeguarding in an inner London Borough. Providing independent support to families with young children, alongside education, I believe is key to communities.

I was honoured to be asked to join Home-Start Southwark as a Trustee in 2020. My aim is to use my skills and experience to support the Charity and volunteers to ensure families with young children are supported in many ways at times of need.




I have worked both as a dentist and in education, assisting students with applications to University. Through these roles I became aware of the importance of early years support to help children achieve their potential and to support families holistically. It is a privilege to sit on the board for Home-Start Southwark and to be able to support and feel connected to my local community.




I am originally from Nigeria and have a background in Economics. My motivation and passion to help vulnerable children and young people grew when I moved to UK 8 years ago. Since relocating to the UK, I have embarked on a journey of a personal and professional transformation. I became  Certified as a Nursing assistant, Administrator, Nanny, Play worker, Community research engagement officer, Mental health first aider, Holiday clubs worker, and work with local charities offering my time and support to families.

I have been actively involved in various voluntary community programs throughout my time in the UK, collaborating with different charities and public sector organisations like the NHS, Home-Start Southwark, Pembroke House, Spring Community Hub and many more.

In 2023, I was privileged to join Home-Start Southwark as a Trustee. It’s been a wonderful experience to be part of the board of trustees and be able to share values while continuing to provide direct support to families in need through volunteering with Home-Start.


Vice Chair

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I am Russian by background, engineer by education, and salesperson by profession. I made South London my home 12 years ago. Having spent a decade focused mainly on building my career and my family, I realised I also wanted to use my business skills for the greater good of the communities around me. I have been delighted to be introduced to Home-Start Southwark team, who do such outstanding work for families and who share so many of my values. I am also a mother of two young children and having had a very positive motherhood experience myself, I am keen to add my contribution to Home-Start Southwark which helps making parenting easier for other families.




I first became involved with Home-Start in 1992 when I met Margaret Harrison and became convinced of the enormous importance of supporting young families in their own homes during the children’s most formative years. I became a Trustee of Home-Start UK and Home-Start International and then, realising there was no Home-Start scheme where I lived, was able, with Home-Start UK’s help, to start a scheme in Southwark.




I am a General Practitioner in Southwark and have worked locally for over 30 years. I see first hand  many parents in the area who are struggling to cope with new born babies, young children and children with special needs. Over the years I have been so impressed with the practical and emotional  support Home-Start has given these families and have been lucky to observe the benefits to these families.

Having juggled with working full time and bringing up four children I am aware of the challenges young mother’s face. The support offered to these young parents by the amazing team at Home-Start is invaluable and I am honoured to be a trustee.




I am originally from Spain and have a background in banking although my real motivation is to help vulnerable people, especially children. Since relocating to the UK in 2010, I have embarked on a journey of personal and professional transformation. I became a Certified Spanish Teacher and also took on roles such as an Examinations Officer and an IELTS Invigilator.

I am also a mother of a lovely son. Raising a son has not only enriched my life but also ignited a desire to use this experience to support other families with children. I have been actively involved in various volunteer community programs throughout my time in the UK, collaborating with different charities and public sector organisations.

In 2023,I was honoured to join Home-Start Southwark as a Trustee. It’s a pleasure to be part of the board and be able to share values while continuing to provide direct support to families in need through my volunteer work at Home Start.




I have worked in and around the NHS for more than 30 years, holding Executive positions in a range of local, regional and national organisations.

As a long term resident of South East London and a parent I also have first hand experience of the complexity of navigating and accessing local services for children and their families. This being the case I am delighted to be joining the Board of Trustees and look forward very much to supporting the incredible work of Home-Start's team and volunteers in Southwark and Lewisham. The value of that work in improving children's life chances is invaluable to their families and the community as a whole.

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