Our Trustees

Sarah Messenger



My current role is as a LGS Consultant (Workforce) for the Local Government Association. I was previously Head of Workforce for the LGA, a role which included developing strategic direction and priorities, identifying and promoting initiatives and negotiating the pay and conditions of almost 2 million public sector workers. Earlier in my career I have been a National and Regional Trade Union Official, a Senior Consultant with Equality Works and a Service Director with Local Government Employers.

I am hugely impressed by the work of Home-Start Southwark and was delighted to be asked to become a Trustee. Our volunteers and staff make a profound difference to the lives of the families they get to know and, as a Trustee, I wanted to use my skills and experience to contribute to ensuring the organisation provides everything they need to flourish.

Alice Gardiner

Honorary Treasurer


I have been Honorary Treasurer and a Trustee of Home-Start Southwark since 2014.  As a Chartered Accountant I am proud to help provide financial oversight to the Board of Trustees such that it can fulfil its obligations and I thoroughly enjoy working with my fellow Trustees and our staff team.  I find the role to be stimulating and rewarding and the work of our dedicated staff team and volunteers to be inspiring.    

As a working mother with four children, I know first-hand how challenging life can be for parents with young children.  I am hugely lucky to have my own amazing support network of family and friends and so I truly understand how valuable the friendship and emotional and practical support that the staff and volunteers of Home-Start Southwark offer to parents is.

Clare Cary



I began volunteering with Home-Start Southwark in 2011 and was invited to join the Board four years later. I have worked extensively in the Voluntary Sector both at home and abroad and I am also a Trustee of our local Community Hall. My husband and I have four grown-up children and eight grandchildren, three of whom we look after every Friday.

It is a privilege to work with Home-Start Southwark and to help support families in the local community.

Paul Baddeley



After a career as a lawyer in international business I was delighted to become a Trustee of Home-Start Southwark in 2011. It could not be more different & at the same time more similar. The staff & volunteers are amazing & truly inspirational & it is a privilege and honour to be a small part of the team. 

My wife & I have four grown-up children. We love to travel extensively and spend as much time as possible with family & friends, enjoying the arts, good food, conversation & fun. It all helps to reinforce how critical it is to get the best start to life possible, to which Home-Start tries to make a significant contribution, on a shoestring budget.

Rachel Vernazza



I have worked both as a dentist and in education, assisting students with applications to University. Through these roles I became aware of the importance of early years support to help children achieve their potential and to support families holistically. It is a privilege to sit on the board for Home-Start Southwark and to be able to support and feel connected to my local community.

Sharlene McGee



I work in the charity sector leading policy campaigns at national level – in employment, welfare and social care – to secure change for those who face disadvantage and experience inequality.

Since beginning my career working on policy at UK Parliament and EU Parliament level, I have been passionate about the valuable role of the voluntary sector in sustaining local communities. With longstanding ties to Home-Start and having seen its innovation and insight at close hand, it is a great honour to be a part of its next chapter.

Alex Williams


Alex website pic.jpg

I am a Principal Consultant and Co-Chair of the EDI committee at Prospectus, the leading Not-for-Profit recruitment agency. I have lived experience of some of the challenges faced by the families Home-Start supports, having grown up in a deprived area in South London and having experienced social and economic inequality, which could have limited my chances of reaching my full potential in adulthood. I was honoured to join the Trustee board at Home-Start Southwark and feel inspired and motivated by our vision and mission to provide expert practical and emotional support to families with young children through their challenging times.

Chris King



I first became involved with Home-Start in 1992 when I met Margaret Harrison and became convinced of the enormous importance of supporting young families in their own homes during the children’s most formative years. I became a Trustee of Home-Start UK and Home-Start International and then, realising there was no Home-Start scheme where I lived, was able, with Home-Start UK’s help, to start a scheme in Southwark.

Claire Moxon



Having worked in policing across London for over 30 years I have seen the positive impact that supporting families and parents has on children in their early years. I have worked in a range of policing roles throughout my career but one of the most challenging, rewarding and important areas I have experienced  was as head of safeguarding in an inner London Borough. Providing independent support to families with young children, alongside education, I believe is key to communities.

I was honoured to be asked to join Home-Start Southwark as a Trustee in 2020. My aim is to use my skills and experience to support the Charity and volunteers to ensure families with young children are supported in many ways at times of need.

Nan Doble



I am a General Practitioner in Southwark and have worked locally for over 30 years. I see first hand  many parents in the area who are struggling to cope with new born babies, young children and children with special needs. Over the years I have been so impressed with the practical and emotional  support Home-Start has given these families and have been lucky to observe the benefits to these families.

Having juggled with working full time and bringing up four children I am aware of the challenges young mother’s face. The support offered to these young parents by the amazing team at Home-Start is invaluable and I am honoured to be a trustee.

Pippa South



The raising and educating of children is one of the most important jobs a society has to do and as a mother and grandmother I know that families benefit from all the caring help they can get. I have a professional background in teaching and development management in General Practice, with a detour into political activism in the 1980s, and joined Home-Start Southwark as a volunteer in 2006 and the Trustee board in 2009. I have always had huge admiration for the enormous amount of good and valuable work carried out by the staff and volunteers on a shoestring budget.

Tatyana Popova


Tatyana Popova pro pic 2022.jpg

I am Russian by background, engineer by education, and salesperson by profession. I made South London my home 12 years ago. Having spent a decade focused mainly on building my career and my family, I realised I also wanted to use my business skills for the greater good of the communities around me. I have been delighted to be introduced to Home-Start Southwark team, who do such outstanding work for families and who share so many of my values. I am also a mother of two young children and having had a very positive motherhood experience myself, I am keen to add my contribution to Home-Start Southwark which helps making parenting easier for other families.

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