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Marathon du Medoc fundraiser

We are one proud charity! We are surrounded by amazing partners and friends for our mission of empowering families in Southwark and Lewisham, we receive generous help from our supporters, we are able to further our cause thanks to contributions from each and one of them.

But what makes us the most grateful today is Tatyana. Our Trustee since early 2021, she decided to run this year’s Marathon du Medoc and fundraise for Home-Start Southwark. As she said: “My husband and I have decided to run this race together to celebrate the arrival of our second son, exactly as we did for his older brother 5 years ago. Just like the 42 kilometres of the race are going to feel very long and arduous, similarly, raising a family is not an easy task - yet we feel fortunate to have had a very positive parenthood experience. This, however, is not the case for so many in our community, where a lot of young families struggle to overcome challenges and pressures of caring for small children, such as financial worries (especially now with rising prices), physical illness or disability, mental health, and post-natal depression. Exactly as the hilly terrain of the Medoc region of France is full of ups and downs, being a parent, especially without the support of family or community, can be overwhelming. So, I’d like to put my struggles along the course to good use and make it just that tiny bit easier for someone to be a good mum or dad for their baby.”

In the beginning of September, the Just Giving fundraiser page was open and the donations started coming in with best wishes for Tatyana and her husband’s efforts! The race took place on the 10th of September and as Tatyana said: “The Marathon is complete, and I survived! (…) The race started pretty leisurely but then kilometre 38 almost had me finished… in the end it was a lot of fun and very much worth the effort! Perfect weather, cheerful atmosphere, running past 62 beautiful Chateaux wineries, 20 of which were open for tastings (!) – compensated for the pain and exhaustion.”

We are full of admiration for Tatyana and incredibly proud she decided to dedicate this race to support our organisation. We received over £3,000 in generous donations! And we would like to take this opportunity to admit how hugely grateful we are for all the support and contributions we received! This will help us train more volunteers, reach more families, support more children in the next difficult months.

Thank you, Tatyana!

Thank you, everyone!


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