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Ben's ultimate fundraiser!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

2023 was definitely Ben’s year!

After receiving support from Home-Start Southwark’s volunteer, Ben became our supporter himself!


“Why am I raising money for Home-Start Southwark? I look after Ada and Flo on a Monday. Just me. No biggie right? Wrong. I felt (feel) isolated as going to the park is a nightmare as obviously Ada runs left as Flo runs right, or Flo wants to swing while Ada prefers to slide. If I take them to a softplay conversation is difficult with other parents as I'm not Mum and I've got to watch two mischievous kids at the same time - my concentration can't split three ways. So I got in touch with Home-Start and a volunteer, Kristen, came for a couple of hours every Monday for six months to help me not feel so overwhelmed, give attention to one so I can give it to the other and to help me do more good stuff with the twins. It may seem like a really basic thing, and it is, but it's a life changing thing in terms of my confidence and feeling like I can be Dad. Kristen left us in March 2022 and the kids still think of her when the doorbell rings and I’m able to do day trips with one (I’m not totally mad) as far away as Guilford and can entertain them for a weekend without feeling totally overwhelmed.


Home-Start do amazing work helping parents like me be better at being parents and supporting kids in their most important years development wise. All the money you give will go towards helping families cope, and thrive, with kids at the very start of their lives. 


Last year (2022) I ran the London Marathon and really enjoyed it. So this year I’m going to up the ante somewhat… a 50km ultra, Ride London and trying to get under 4hours for a marathon. There is sense in these challenges; I need the headspace activity gives me away from the kids and work, and I’m hoping to better the £2.5k lots of generous people gave for my 42.2km last year.”


Over the period of 6 months, 123km of running and 160km of cycling during events, Ben raised over £2,500 by inspiring people with his efforts and dedication!

Thank you, Ben!🧡

Thank you to all our supporters!💜


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